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A lab grown diamond IS a diamond. It begins by taking a piece of diamond seed and/or dust and putting it under extreme heat and pressure in a controlled environment.

Jewelry Gifts for any Style

Some of the best gifts come in small packages—especially if it’s a jewelry gift! Whether you’re planning to treat your partner to a sparkling gift or looking for a present for your daughter, surprising them with a box of jewelry gifts can make all the difference.

How Often Should You Clean Your Engagement Ring?

We can all agree that few things are more dazzling than a freshly polished engagement ring, but how often should you be cleaning it?

Everyday Jewelry for 2022

When it comes to jewelry, we all want to wear stuff that will make us feel classy and adored – even when it comes to normal everyday use.

Amethyst: February’s Birthstone

February is the month of the amethyst birthstone, and if you love purple gems, you will be thrilled that this is your birthstone! If you have been looking for the right jewelry store for the perfect February birthstone gift, you are in luck.

How to Clean Your Jewelry

Wondering how to clean your jewelry? Fine pieces of jewelry can continue to dazzle for many years to come- provided they are properly cared for.

What Your Diamond Ring Says About You

Naturally, people are drawn to the diamond shape that complements their personality just as perfectly as their partner does. If you’ve ever wondered what your engagement ring says about you, here’s what your choice of diamond cut reveals. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Engagement Ring Shopping

Shopping for engagement rings should be an exciting and magical experience. After all, what is more inspiring than picking out a diamond ring to represent your enduring love? 

Trend Alert: Stackable Wedding Bands

Trend Alert: Stackable Wedding Bands If you want your engagement ring to stand out, why not highlight it with stackable wedding bands? We love this trend because it lets you create a truly unique look. If you’re not familiar with wedding band stacks, they typically include one or more rings that nest together around your […]

How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Stud Earrings

Why are diamond studs the most popular earrings in the world? It’s simply because there’s nothing more flattering than a brilliant diamond to illuminate your profile.  This timeless style dates back to the 19th Century and is still considered a classic must-have in every woman’s jewelry collection to this day. The right pair of diamond […]