Everyday Jewelry
When it comes to jewelry, we all want to wear stuff that will make us feel classy and adored – even when it comes to normal everyday use. It’s meant to be the cornerstone of our visual identity – something that really makes us stand out and helps personalize our appearance. So where exactly do we start?

What is Everyday Jewelry?
Everyday Jewelry is, simply put, the type of accessory you can wear on a normal day regardless of the formality of the occasion. You could wear an everyday ring to a sporting event, a nightclub, a restaurant, you name it – these items aren’t meant for just weddings or business gatherings. They go equally well with t-shirts, summer dresses, or fancy gowns. No matter what the occasion, this versatile category of jewelry will get the job done. Reliability is the name of the game here.

What makes this type of jewelry difficult to design is that each piece has to be able to transform any type of clothing or style. It’s easy to design for fancy attire, but not so much for your typical t-shirt-and-pants look. Add the fact that people consider jewelry a part of their identity, and it’s easy to see why many are very selective about what they wear daily. When we go out to fancy events, we aren’t necessarily projecting our actual identity – merely that which is expected of us. When we wear jewelry on a normal basis, though, we are going to select something that really speaks to who we are as human beings and what mood we are feeling that day. In a lot of ways, this makes everyday jewelry far more important than pieces worn only on the fanciest of occasions.

Beard’s Diamonds has a huge selection of everyday jewelry to help you complete your wardrobe, whether it be diamond jewelry, rings, gold jewelry, or anything else you can think of. We’ve outlined some of the best selections in this category. Each of these items is sure to make you fit right in with any setting or event that may transpire! For this list, we have emphasized items that will elevate your normal attire and help you stand out tastefully in even the more mundane of circumstances without being overbearing or overstated.

Anyone passionate about fashion will also see the importance of each type of accessory and how they work well together. The list below was curated with synergy and compatibility in mind – each piece has the potential to complement the other flawlessly, ensuring that your look will be as cohesive as it is exquisite. Keep in mind, though, that this is just a small sample of what’s available on the site. This is a broad category and it would be easy to get lost in the journey, so please treat this as a mere starting point in your journey!

Without further ado, here are 10 pieces that would be a great place to start for your everyday jewelry needs:

One of the keys to a breathtaking collection of accessories is amassing a collection of show-stopping earrings. Diamonds in particular are the go-to choice for everyday activities.

Put mildly, these diamond studs are jaw-droppingly immaculate – especially for the price. It would be hard to find a better deal for such a pair of shimmering beauties. The earrings are comprised of 14k white gold solitaire quarter carat diamonds, and their design was crafted with versatility in mind, allowing the wearer to enjoy them for any occasion in their daily lives.

If diamonds are a bit too formal for your tastes, or if you simply want to diversify a bit, you may want to consider investing in some pairs of Huggies.

In particular, the iconic Huggies listed above are bold, beautiful, yet tasteful – they will help accentuate your beauty without being overbearing. Equally as important is the variety of options available: 14k, 18k, or platinum, to be precise. Tailor your Huggies to your own personal tastes!

Stud earrings are a classic look and have been popular for a long time. Those who would say they “underemphasize” your appearance have not seen these studs before, as these are highly adaptable to any daily situation, especially those on the more informal side. They are available in 14k, 18, or platinum (much like the Huggies listed above).

For those into a more chic style rooted in diamond jewelry, you may want to indulge in our offerings from the Demure collection. This bangle has a high degree of both sleekness and polish, having been derived from 14k white gold and a .48 CT mid-accent of diamond. Bangles like this can even be used for more formal events should you so desire – you’ll fit right in regardless of the situation.

The bangle fun doesn’t stop there. If you’re more into gold jewelry, here’s a perfect selection for you. The words “understated” or “underwhelming” tend to be thrown around a lot in the everyday jewelry field, but one cannot find another word to more accurately describe this look. 14k rose gold is the baseline here, but it also comes in 18k and platinum varieties (like many products from the Beards Diamonds catalog).

Bracelets are a favorite of all ages, especially the younger crowd. We don’t blame them – they are an easy way to elevate your look into the stratosphere! People of faith will find this design particularly appealing – the cross is stylish but not overbearing, and the 0.7 CT diamonds complement the 14K rose gold links flawlessly. Even those who are not interested in the religious angle of this product will still find the design to be highly stylish for any occasion.

Necklaces help layer your appearance and are a particularly effective source of personal expression – small necklaces are great for a quiet and proper vibe, while larger and bolder necklaces can help match and even amplify such a personality.

This style of necklace fits perfectly in the realm of modern trends, having been designed with contemporary fashion in mind. The 0.10 CT pave diamonds are the centerpiece, naturally, but the 14k white gold links do a great job driving home that chic style that many of us desire. This is a perfect complementary piece to other necklaces as well. Be sure to give it a look!

What’s there to say about this beauty? Everything. .31 CT of diamonds in the centerpiece, to be precise. Although we’re dealing with everyday jewelry here, diamonds have their place. This necklace may look eye-catching and show-stopping, and in a lot of ways it is, but you’ll find that it fits any outfit beautifully. It’s stylish and iconic without being overbearing – a difficult balance to strike for most pieces, but this one delivers in spades.

Not enough can be said about the importance of our rings, and nothing screams “everyday jewelry” more than the icons of matrimony themselves. Be they wedding rings or engagement rings, these are pieces that we want to show off to the world because they signify the love we have for our closest partner. If these accessories fall short or are overbearing for daily use, then we won’t want to wear them all the time. In a lot of ways, they may be our most important pieces of everyday jewelry. Thankfully, this engagement ring has it all. Understated style, elegance, you name it. The triple stones come in at .25 CTW, and the rest of the ring is comprised of 14k white gold.

What if you’d like another type of ring or don’t have a special loved one in your life? Complete your breathtaking look with a dazzling ring like this one. The metal is a whopping 18k rose gold, and the .05CT will leave an exquisite impression that far exceeds its humble size. This is one of our go-to rings and it’s easy to see why.

Other selections
Everyday jewelry is a diverse category and we’ve barely reached the tip of the iceberg here. Beard’s Diamonds offers so much more. Far too many people these days associate jewelry with special occasions, pretentiousness, or upscale circumstances, and our primary intention is to preach the gospel when it comes to this type of accessory. Modern jewelry is highly versatile, affordable, and does a better job than ever before of bringing out our natural beauty. Whether you desire a chic, understated look, or a bold and outgoing style, there’s a full selection of everyday jewelry available for your tastes.

Our Beard’s Diamonds site has much more to offer, so be sure to browse your favorite selections and let us know what you think!

Beard’s Diamonds is committed to providing the best options for jewelry in the Jacksonville area and beyond. We are firm believers in everyday jewelry and strive to bring our collection of Sylvie, Gabriel & Co., Verragio, Tacori, and Noam Carver into the wardrobes of every fashion enthusiast out there. Check out our article on jewelry gifts for any style.