Amethyst-February Birthstone

February is the month of the amethyst birthstone, and if you love purple gems, you will be thrilled that this is your birthstone! If you have been looking for the right jewelry store for the perfect February birthstone gift, you are in luck. Beard’s Diamonds offers a full selection of Amethyst birthstone items, and you will be able to find the right present for your needs with us.

What is an Amethyst?

Amethyst is a purple gemstone that has been popular for years. The stone is actually formed from gemstone quartz, which is why it is so clear and offers so much sparkle when set in jewelry. The name of the stone comes from the Greek word for “intoxicate,” and the Greeks thought that this stone would protect its wearer from becoming drunk.

This stone is today more closely associated with the birth month of February. Everyone who is born during this month can get birthstone-themed jewelry to enjoy. While you can buy amethyst jewelry even if your birth month is not February, those who are born at the beginning of the year do have access to a very lovely birthstone.

What Color is Amethyst?

As mentioned before, amethyst is most often a deep purple color. This stone can actually come in pinkish-purple tones as well, or it might be so dark purple that it looks almost black. There are trace impurities of iron and trace elements in these stones, and the more inclusions like this in the amethyst, the darker it will be.

This stone is mostly found in Brazil and South Korea, but you can also source your amethyst from Zambia and Russia. There are a few US mining locations as well, and these are confined to Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

What Are the Myths Surrounding Amethyst?

Like many gemstones, there are a number of myths about this stone that are commonly shared. The most popular is a myth that is related to Bacchus. Bacchus was the god of wine and festivals, and the amethyst stone was thought to be connected to his powers. Bacchus was thought to have released tigers to eat a maiden who was wandering lost. Diana intervened to save her, turning her into a clear stone to not be eaten.

The stone was seized by Bacchus, who poured his wine over it and turned it a deep purple. This is where the original connection between the prevention of Bacchus’ charms was made. Accordingly, the Greeks believed that those who wore an amethyst would not succumb to drunkenness. While this seems very silly today, gemstones were very rare in those times and almost impossible to mine for. A gemstone would have been easily considered to be delivered by the gods, and this is why myths grew up to explain the existence of these items.

History of the Use of Amethyst

This stone has been popular for centuries. The Greeks loved them, and Egyptians used them in many crafts that they made as well. Egyptians commonly used this stone for complex amulets that were needed for various religious or protection purposes.

The first amethyst used has been dated back to 2,000 BC. For many centuries, this was the most well-known and valuable gemstone, and it would only have been available to those of great wealth or with great power. It is no wonder that this stone was associated so closely with royalty! For many centuries, this stone was held in the same regard as the diamond, and it was only available to the wealthiest of buyers.

In the Middle Ages, this stone was used to denote royalty and to decorate sacred places. The color purple was associated with royalty even in Roman times, and the medieval period also used this color to indicate the status of people who wore it. By the Middle Ages, amethyst also had an association with spiritual things and was considered a sign of the deity of Christ. It has only been recently that large stores of amethyst have been built up due to improving mining techniques. In the early days of the use of this stone for jewelry, it would have been quite rare.

Amethyst is sacred to the Buddha in Tibet, and many prayer beads are made of amethyst stones. It is even said that St. Valentine wore an amethyst ring that was carved like a Cupid. This was because of the chaste love that he was said to have for the world as a whole. During this period, amethyst was also said to be good for regulating the passions, and a saint might often have the need for this kind of benefit.

In more modern history, the amethyst has been connected with grounding and the third eye by yogis and followers of some more new-age religions. Amethyst is often used to help induce a meditative state and to increase connection with the crown chakras. Amethyst is also thought to create a connection between spirit guides and imagination in these religious uses. Some artists also wear the amethyst to help spark creativity.

Amethyst is easier to mine today, but this is still not such a common stone that it has lost its value. You will still find that amethyst is well worth the investment, and you will likely want to get a certificate of authenticity for your piece when you buy. While the diamond might have replaced many other gemstones these days in popularity, colorful stones like amethyst are still very sought-after.

What Jewelry Can Amethyst be Used for?

Amethyst is a really nice stone to add to jewelry items because it is hardy and easy to shape. This is not a soft stone that will break readily, and that means that it can be used in rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. There is no shortage of ways to make your amethyst stone the central part of a ring or other item, but you can also use amethyst to offset other kinds of stones in a more complex setting.

Many people opt for amethyst necklaces and dangling earrings when they pick their amethyst birthstone jewelry. This stone catches the light very effectively, so when you use open settings for this stone that allow it to catch the light, you can enjoy really spectacular results. There are many ways to use amethyst to make beautiful rings and other kinds of jewelry as well, so you are not limited just to pendants and earrings.

There is almost no limit to the kinds of settings that amethyst can be used for. You will have a lot of freedom to design with this stone and will be limited only by the weight of the jewels for things like earrings or rings. This is a stone that is commonly prefabricated in pieces, so if you are not in the market for creating your own custom piece, there will be lots of great options for you to try on.

Do Amethysts Need to Be Set in Gold or Silver?

Amethyst stones can be set in either material and can readily be secured in platinum as well. There is no limit to how custom amethyst jewelry can be made, but you can almost always find amethyst pieces sold in many different settings as quality jewelry stores.

This stone is usually clear enough that different setting colors can slightly alter the overall color of the stone. This means that gold settings and lighter-colored settings like silver might impact the stone in different ways. You might enjoy your amethyst in either color of setting, but some stones will appear their best when set against specific kinds of setting materials.

Is Amethyst Durable?

Amethyst is a very durable stone, and it has a hardness of seven. This makes it so easy to use for rings and necklaces, which can take a lot of abuse while being worn. The only caution that comes with amethyst jewelry is to keep it out of the direct sun when possible. It can become faded when it is in the sun too much.

Amethyst is a really great choice for people who love to wear their jewelry every day and who don’t want to have to fret about bumping rings and bracelets against things or getting the jewelry wet. You will still need to take off your amethyst items if you are going to be cleaning with harsh chemicals or caustic liquids of any kind.

Amethyst is a Lovely Birthstone

This is one of the prettiest gemstones that you can buy, and if you have a February birthday, you probably already know this. Getting the right birthstone jewelry for your needs is easy when you come to visit us. We can help you to get the perfect ring, bracelet, necklace, or set of earrings that show off your birthstone with ease. There is nothing like the dark purple beauty of amethyst, and this stone is as durable and practical as it is beautiful.

Beard’s Diamonds can make sure that you get all of the best amethyst jewelry. You will be able to get an amethyst ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings from us. We make the best amethyst jewelry that you can get anywhere, and you will love commemorating your birth month in this way. Contact us here or visit our showroom at the St. Johns Towncenter. For ideas on gifts for your loved ones, check out this article: Jewelry Gifts for any Style.