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Repair Center

Professional Jewelry Repair

Providing exceptional, quality workmanship.

No one likes the hassle of having to have a piece of jewelry repaired…and even fewer want to have it fixed twice! Beards customers know that from start to finish, we strive to ensure your repair is done quickly and accurately the first time around. Our team our expert jewelers don’t hide behind closed doors either. The large picture window is for all, to look into our world and see how we work and what we do to provide exceptional, quality workmanship.

When you drop off your jewelry we will do an on the spot inspection, looking over the pieces to be repaired to spot any other areas that need attention…areas that you may not have noticed. Your repairs will then be given a due date, allowing us the amount of time, to perform all the necessary work and attention your piece requires.

Once our repair team receives it, it is cleaned thoroughly, making sure there are no oils, dirt, food or other foreign materials. It is then repaired as need, focusing on the details of the original design, reviving the original beauty of the piece. After repair, it is polished and refinished, applying any topical finishes, designs, enamels or plating’s. The luster and glow of the metal is brought back to life, the stones are freed from the cloudy residue and shine again. Then the items are rechecked to make sure there is not anything we may have over looked.

On the rare occasion a part of the repair requires specialized attention, like diamond cutting or hand engraving, it is securely shipped to our trusted vendors to be accurately completed. Every repair is protected and insured to ensure the wellbeing of your items. Once a repair is completed, it is wrapped and placed back in your envelope, you’re then notified when it’s complete.

Every step is focused on quality and workmanship. Whenever possible, time is requested to guarantee the integrity of the repair. We never want to rush your repair and risk doing it again.

Our goal is your complete satisfaction!

Beard’s has the best resources available for all the specific needs of your custom design and jewelry repair
Beards has developed personal, trusting, respectable relationships over the past 42 years with the best Diamond and gem cutters, engravers, & manufactures the industry has to offer. Working directly allows us to negotiate prices and expedite your requests faster. We are able to do this because we are never above realizing our friends in the jewelry industry are professionals, who specialize in unique areas helping us achieve our goal of ultimate customer satisfaction with every repair. It gives our customers peace of mind knowing every effort was made to make their repair results the very best. Being able to outsource the needs of our customers to the most qualified professionals ensures quality; guaranteeing the highest standard of workmanship.

Repairs are inspected thoroughly, ensuring the original quality and superior workmanship

We pay very close attention to the finest details so that when your repair is ready, it looks better than the day you bought it! All stones are checked and inspected…not just the ones that are pointed out as loose or damaged. The entire piece goes under the micro scope to see if any other repairs are required BEFORE they become repeat problems in the near future. Our goal is having you wear your repaired jewelry again with confidence, knowing that it was done right and not just rushed, that every effort was taken to guarantee workmanship and quality.

We go that extra step to make sure all jewelry repairs are brought back to their original condition

We will automatically refinish the design or details of your jewelry so that NOT just the repair area is invisible, but that the entire piece is perfect. The designs will match, finishes will blend in and the look of the original piece will always be restored. We rhodium plate all white jewelry and apply black antiquing, enamel, and or paint back onto jewelry as need to ensure the original look of the finished piece. You should rarely be able to see where we worked on your jewelry. It should only look rejuvenated and restored!

Each job is done quickly and precise

Most jobs are completed within days of being taken in, depending on the circumstances and requirements of our customer’s needs. We strive to accommodate our clients whenever possible, never skimping on quality for the sake of time. We stand behind the workmanship of our jewelers, knowing that no matter how quickly a job was done, it was never done haphazardly or thoughtlessly. We focus on our clients’ needs and never lose sight of what’s important…their complete satisfaction.

Most repairs are done onsite

Most all of our repairs are done on site. With the exception of stone cutting, hand engraving and laser etching. When a portion of a repair requires their expert services, they are done at our vendors offices where the specialized equipment or personnel are available, to insure quality and accuracy. All jewelry is insured and shipped UPS next day because we take your jewelry very seriously, which is why we treat it as if it were our own inventory. We only do business with responsible, accredited vendors whom we have had the pleasure of cultivating trusting relationships for over 40 years.


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