How Often Should You Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring?


We can all agree that few things are more dazzling than a freshly polished engagement ring, but how often should you be cleaning it? You might be surprised to learn that most people aren’t cleaning their engagement rings as often as they should. 

As the most warn piece of jewelry, engagement rings are exposed to more oils, lotions, and debris, which can build up over time and impede their radiance. However, cleaning your engagement ring isn’t just important for renewing its sparkle, it also helps preserve the integrity of this most prized piece of jewelry.

In this article, the experts at Beard’s Diamonds will cover everything you need to know about cleaning your engagement ring including:

  • Why it’s important to clean engagement rings
  • How often should you clean your engagement ring?
  • How to properly store your jewelry after cleaning 
  • How to keep your ring looking professionally polished 
  • Dos and don’ts of cleaning jewelry 

First, let’s talk about the importance of keeping your engagement ring clean.

Why it’s important to clean engagement rings

Engagement rings are a big investment, so naturally, you want to keep yours looking its best. However, cleaning your engagement ring isn’t just about keeping up appearances. If not regularly cleaned, your ring will become a reservoir for bacteria that can cause permanent discoloration of the stone and degradation of the metals. The growth of bacteria can also lead to allergies and skin irritation for the wearer. 

What’s more, the build-up of micro debris can scratch the diamond and gemstones, damaging your precious ring.  With that in mind, you may be wondering, how often should I be cleaning my engagement ring?

In the next section, we’ll break down what your weekly, monthly, and yearly upkeep should look like. 

How often should you clean your engagement ring?

How often you clean your engagement ring will depend on how much you wear it and what it’s made out of. For instance, diamond rings are more resilient than cameo or opal rings, so they can endure more frequent cleaning. Additionally, jewelry that you wear on a daily basis will require more attention than your less frequently worn pieces. If you’re diligent about taking your ring off during activities where it might get dirty then you may be able to go a little longer between cleans.

In general, Beard’s Diamonds recommends that you follow a regular cleaning schedule to keep your ring looking its best and avoid costly repairs.


Weekly Maintenance

If you wear your engagement ring every day, we recommend giving your ring a quick clean every one to two weeks to restore its brilliance and minimize bacteria build up. You can create a simple, but highly effective, cleaning solution by filling a small bowl with warm water and adding gentle dish soap. 

Next, allow your ring and other fine jewelry to soak in the solution for 20-40 minutes to soften unwanted particles. Then, take a soft-bristle toothbrush and gently scrub around the diamond, inlay, and band to remove any dirt and residues. 

Once you’ve finished, rinse your ring with warm water and place it on a lint-free cloth to dry. Avoid using paper towels to dry your jewelry as they can actually scratch the metal. Repeat this process a second time, if necessary.

This method is excellent at keeping bacteria at bay and works for most settings and types of metal. 

Monthly Maintenance 

Once a month, spend a little more time going over your engagement ring to make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned. We recommend using a non-abrasive and chemical-free solution to buff your ring. 

Submerge your ring in a cleansing solution for no more than 20-40 minutes before gently scrubbing away impurities. You can use a biodegradable, ammonia-free formula, like The Simple Shine Complete Jewelry Cleaning Kit for powerful and efficient jewelry cleaning. 

At-home ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are another great option. These machines are easy-to-use, work on a variety of jewelry types, leaving your jewelry with a dazzling pro-like deep clean. The Magnasonic Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner is an affordable and highly-rated option.

Yearly Maintenance 

At-home cleaning is a necessary part of engagement ring care, but it can’t replace professional cleaning and inspection. While removing surface build-up and restoring shine yourself is easy enough, only a professional jewelry cleaner will be able to safely remove hard-to-reach layers of compressed dirt and grime. Plus, a professional eye will be able to take a closer look and ensure that no stones have come loose and the prongs are still straight. 

We recommend getting your ring professionally serviced twice a year to keep it looking good as new. It’s better to be proactive with bi-annual inspections than to shell out for costly repairs or have to replace missing stones!

If you’re due for professional servicing, Beard’s Diamonds offers speedy on-the-spot inspection and speedy repairs in the event that your ring needs some extra TLC. 

How to properly store your jewelry after cleaning 

Properly storing jewelry pieces after cleaning is an essential part of caring for them. Pearls and fine jewelry should be stored in a felt-lined box and away from direct sunlight. Felt helps absorb moisture and prevents tarnishing and exposure to UV rays can cause damage to fine jewelry.

Also, be sure to separate diamond pieces so that they are not touching. This prevents accidentally scratching the stone or tarnishing the metals. 

How to keep your engagement ring looking professionally polished 

To take your at-home jewelry care to the next level, consider investing in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine. These machines use ultrasonic vibrations through the water and cleaning solution to free fine dirt and dust particles from hard-to-reach crevices in your jewelry, making it look brand-new.

Prices vary, but the average cost is roughly $40-$100+. 

However, this machine should not be used in place of a professional jewelry cleaner as this method may cause stones to become loose and even fall out. Don’t skip out on your bi-annual professional servicing even with the purchase of an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. 

Dos and don’ts of cleaning jewelry 

Establishing a good cleaning regime is an essential part of caring for your engagement ring, but knowing what to do (and what not to do!) is just as important. Here are some helpful dos and don’ts of cleaning jewelry that will help you maintain the integrity and brilliance of your pieces for a lifetime.

Do research or ask an expert about the specific care instructions for your ring’s setting,  gemstone, and metal. Some rings are better suited to certain cleaning methods. Be sure to look yours up or consult with a professional to avoid damaging your ring in the cleaning process.

Don’t leave your engagement ring soaking in liquid for long periods of time. Prolonged soaking can result in discoloration for silver pieces or cause the plating to wear more easily on white gold pieces.

Do remove your engagement ring during activities that could damage or soil it, like gardening, cooking, or working out. This will prevent having to clean your ring more frequently and keep it out of harm’s way.  We even recommend taking it off when showering or applying lotion to maintain maximum sparkle between cleanings.

Don’t use harsh chemicals and household cleaners that contain bleach, chlorine, or acetone on your precious jewelry. These chemicals can break down some base metals in your ring and do more harm than good if used on diamonds.

Do remove valuable jewelry before swimming or hot tubbing. Chlorine and salt water can cause damage and corrosion. 

Don’t scrub your ring too vigorously or use an abrasive material, like toothpaste, baking soda, or powdered cleaners when cleaning. You could end up scratching the gemstone and metal or dislodging smaller stones.

Do give gemstones extra TLC. Gemstones, like pearls or amber, are softer than diamonds, so be extra gentle when scrubbing around their surface. It’s best to stick to a soap and water cleaning solution and to always use a soft bristle brush as these stones are easily scratched.

Remember, diamonds are strong, but they are not impervious to harsh cleaning methods, so it’s essential to treat them with care. 

Beard’s Diamonds is here to help 

We know that caring for your engagement ring can seem overwhelming, and that’s why we’re here to help! The trusted experts at Beard’s Diamonds will guide you every step of the way, from choosing the perfect style of engagement ring to keeping your diamonds shining as brilliantly as the day you bought them. We offer exceptional, quality workmanship and unmatched diamond inventory. 

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