Starting to search for the perfect diamond? 

Do You Know What Diamond You Like?

When you can physically see what a diamond looks like on your own hand, it helps to narrow down your preferences. You can start your search by going online and/or visiting our showroom. This gives you an idea of what diamond shapes you like on your hand. Get a feel for what you love and don’t love.

What Is Your Budget?

Natural diamonds can up in price easily. When you’re starting your diamond search; it’s best to set your budget from the start. It is really important to keep open communication with your significant other to decide the budget. With your budget in mind, shop within that range taking a look at all price points you’re comfortable with. At Beard’s Diamonds, we assist with any budgeting concerns by prioritizing the importance of your investment.

What Diamond Characteristics Do You Want to Shine?

There are 4 C’s of diamonds: Color, Carat, Clarity & Color. These  main characteristics determine your diamond’s appearance and price. You may find that you want to prioritize a higher color grade and you would be willing to sacrifice in size. Or you might prefer a larger carat weight and be okay with compromising in color or clarity. We have the largest selection of natural and lab grown diamonds in Jacksonville. Don’t buy until you shop with us.