What Your Diamond Ring Says About You?

Your engagement ring is not just a symbol of your eternal love and commitment, it’s also a piece of jewelry that you’ll wear for the rest of your life. Naturally, people are drawn to the diamond shape that complements their personality just as perfectly as their partner does. If you’ve ever wondered what your engagement ring says about you, here’s what your choice of diamond cut reveals.

Round-Cut Diamond

The round diamond is the most popular cut in the world, and it’s no secret why. This cut is mesmerizing with a high-intensity sparkle that masks any stone imperfections. If you’re drawn to this highly sought-after shape then you place a lot of importance on traditional values, like faith and integrity. This timeless diamond cut is a testament to your desire to strengthen everlasting bonds.


Princess-Cut Diamond

This regal cut is made to maximize sparkle and is the most popular diamond shape after the round cut. As the name suggests, people who are drawn to princess cut diamonds love special treatment. They often have fun and flirty personalities and thrive in leadership roles.

Oval-Cut Diamond

Oval diamonds are one of the most flattering shapes because they serve to accentuate and elongate the fingers. Introduced in the ‘60s, this dazzling oval silhouette makes diamonds appear larger to the eye, in addition to masking any imperfections.

This shape symbolizes individuality, creativity, and sophistication. If you love the look of oval engagement rings, then you’re most likely a trend-setter with an elegant aesthetic.

Pear-Cut Diamond 

The pear-cut, also known as the teardrop, is one of the rarest diamond shapes. There is certainly no shortage of sparkle with this unique, eye-catching silhouette. The woman who is drawn to pear-shaped diamonds is opinionated, self-confident, and loves extravagance. They have no interest in blending and they tend to be the life of every party!

Emerald-Cut Diamond 

The emerald-cut diamond is not something you come across every day. Unlike more popular varieties, this shape has fewer facets, revealing the true clarity and color of the stone.

Choosing this stone symbolizes that you are someone with an open heart who is confident enough in themselves to reveal their imperfections. This art-deco-inspired cut implies understated elegance with a bit of edge.


Marquise-Cut Diamond 

Few shapes are trendier than the marquise cut diamond. This flashy cut boasts impressive brilliance, while its pointed edges convey power and drama. The marquise shape is beloved by individuals with strong character and a keen sense of individuality.


Asscher-Cut Diamond 

Nothing makes quite the statement like an Asscher cut diamond. If you’ve chosen this shape for your engagement ring, then you’re a woman who knows her worth since this cut demands the highest quality diamond. This beautiful vintage-inspired shape is coveted by women who are bold, stylish, and sincere.


Cushion-Cut Diamond 

This antique cut dates back to the 1700s and is perfect for brides who love vintage flare. The sharp facets of this diamond shape give it plenty of brilliance, while the rounded edges offer a softer, more feminine feel. You may be drawn to this shape if you’re kind, loyal, and a hopeless romantic.

Heart-Cut Diamond 

What could be more perfect symbolism than a heart-shaped diamond engagement ring? This rare shape stands out perfectly on its own as a magnificent solitaire diamond. People who are drawn to this eye-catching shape love to be the center of attention. They value individuality, sentimentality, and romance.

Radiant-Cut Diamond 

This unusual shape is difficult to come by. Its glimmering facets make it the top choice for fun-loving, flirty women with an eye for trendiness.

Which of these diamond shapes speaks to your personality? 

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