Shopping for Engagement Rings? Here are some Do’s and Don’ts 

man and woman holding hands
Shopping for engagement rings should be an exciting and magical experience. After all, what is more inspiring than picking out a diamond ring to represent your enduring love?
However, it’s helpful to have some guidelines when ring shopping to ensure that you walk away with the perfect engagement ring.
We’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts that will make wedding ring shopping more enjoyable.
Do’s and Don’ts of Engagement Ring Shopping 
DO bring inspirational photos
Bringing photos of the style and diamond cut you want can be extremely helpful. It can feel like there is an overwhelming number of options when you’re browsing in-store, so doing some research ahead of time will help you narrow things down.
Photos will also give your ring consultant a clear idea of what you’re looking for and minimize confusion. Even if you don’t have your heart set on a particular diamond cut yet, just having an idea of what metal type you want will save you some stress.
DON’T try to hit all the stores in one day
More isn’t always merrier when it comes to ring shopping. Trying to visit too many stores on the same day will just leave you feeling overwhelmed. If you give yourself too many options, you’ll likely end up making an impulse decision. We recommend that you limit your search to three stores per day or less. The last thing you want is to feel rushed while you’re picking out an engagement ring.
DO discuss your budget 
It’s easy to get carried away and be tempted to go way over budget on a big, brilliant diamond. Even though budgeting isn’t exactly romantic, it’s important to decide on the number ahead of time. This is especially important if you’re shopping as a couple.
If this is the case, sit down with your partner ahead of time and iron out the details, like who is paying for what and how much each partner is willing to spend.
DON’T get hung up on specifics 
While it’s good to have some idea of what you’re looking for, don’t get too caught up in the details. For instance, we often see couples coming in looking for a specific carat weight without considering all the other factors that make up diamond quality. Be open to looking at other options within your budget so you don’t miss out on other stunning possibilities.
DO make it a special occasion
Shopping for an engagement ring is unlike any other occasion; it should feel special too! Ring shopping shouldn’t just be about the ring, it should also be a celebration of your relationship. Try to make it as memorable as possible by making an occasion out of it. Schedule a specific time to go shopping, dress up, and plan a romantic outing afterwards- that way it won’t just feel like a regular trip to the mall.
DON’T make a decision based solely on the ring 
Yes, the ring is the main attraction, but many of them come with different benefits. Before choosing a ring, don’t forget to ask about warranties, returns, sizing, and upgrades. These costs can really add up so, if possible, find a ring with these things already included in the price.
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