The Beard’s Diamond

All the Way to Belgium and India!Literally Going the Extra Mile

At Beard’s Jewelry, we will literally go to the ends of the Earth to get you the most desirable diamonds, ensuring the best pricing in the region, with a rock-solid money-back guarantee. This is the story of most diamonds: When they come out of the ground, they go to a sightholder, where the stones are cut. The cut diamonds then go to a wholesaler or broker. The broker sells the diamonds to jewelry stores. We don’t deal with any of that nonsense. For the last 35 years, our founders have established and maintained strong relationships with some of the largest sightholders in the world. These relationships have taken us to Belgium and India. That means we have completely cut out all middlemen and wholesalers. What does this mean for you, the client? Straight-to-the-source savings.

38 years of Certified, Peerless Quality

After acquiring diamonds directly from the sight holders, we have them graded by independent gemologist such as GIA, AGS, and IGL. This practice assures you receive a sound, universally recognized, third-party opinion. In addition to having these independent labs certify the stones, Beard’s also stands behind every stone purchased to ensure that the customer is completely satisfied.

More than 100 yearsOf Collective Experience And a Reputation You Can Trust

Our staff members have been in the jewelry business for decades. Most have been here for the better part of three decades. At Beard’s, we are highly knowledgeable about our diamonds. This isn’t a temporary gig for us; this is our passion. We can do more than answer your questions. We can guide you through the process of finding the perfect certified stones with efficiency and grace.

Because we are in this for long-lasting relationships, our clients’ trust is of the utmost importance to us. They know that this is a reputable and respected place to spend their money. Many of them become lifelong customers. We don’t take that respect and loyalty lightly. First, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If anyone is dissatisfied with a purchase here, even with the guarantee, Beard’s will go the extra mile to make it right! It’s a no-risk situation.

Our wide selection and expert staffTake the Pressure out of Your Buying Experience

The story of a diamond doesn’t end with its provenance and acquisition by our store. In fact, its story is really just beginning, with the next chapter opening the moment you walk into the store.

The idea of shopping for a diamond can be intimidating. Most people aren’t diamond experts; yet they feel that their selection must be perfect. They want help, but don’t want to be pressured. They’re overwhelmed and bewildered by a large selection. They want to make sure they can afford the diamond they want, and they want to get a good price. And after seeing multiple stones, they might be unclear about exactly what kind of diamond is really right for them.

This is where our decades of experience and passion truly shine. We pride ourselves on helping people find a diamond they love — the exact right diamond for their price point. We know how to help you narrow your focus to find a beautiful jewel that you and your heirs will cherish forever. What we’re offering is an easy, enjoyable shopping experience that will make you a lifetime customer.

The Formula

Get the Best Diamonds, have them Certified, Treat People right and Make sure they Stay Happy

Beard’s has been a success since the day we opened our doors 35 years ago. This is because we have strictly adhered to the notion that the customer is always right and deserves the best quality at the best price. At Beard’s, we’ve cut out the middlemen. We’ve created a low-stress, pressure-free shopping environment. We always offer the biggest selection… and the best prices… in North Florida. We would be honored to counsel you on your next diamond purchase. Please visit our store in Jacksonville’s St. John’s Town Center, or call us at (904) 996-1406.