Interested in Gold Weddings Bands options for women?
 Planning a wedding is so exciting! Every detail feels important, from the flowers to the place cards. Most of those plans last a day, but some choices last a lifetime—like the wedding band.
Jewelry trends are wonderful. Exploring new metals is a way to make a wedding band unique and personal. Platinum, white gold, and yellow gold are the most traditional choices, with rose gold gaining popularity over the past decade for Gold Wedding Bands for women.
Wedding bands for women vary from plain, unadorned bands to highly stylized bands set with stones. Some women choose a band that complements their engagement ring, while others choose one that stands alone.
There is no right or wrong way to choose a wedding band, but the array of choices can be dizzying. Choosing a metal is a good way to narrow the field. Many women find themselves swayed by what’s popular at the moment, rather than looking for something that truly reflects their personality or complements their coloring.
Choosing Yellow Gold
The yellow gold wedding band is a choice that can be lost in the shuffle. Bypassed by some as being dated, yellow gold is a classic metal that carries not only centuries of tradition but also a unique beauty.
Beard’s Diamonds yellow gold wedding bands are timeless. 14K and 18K bands have a high percentage of pure gold and it shows. The bands shine with warm, golden light, a beautiful symbol of love and happiness.
Yellow gold is durable, but requires care, just like the marriage it represents. High karat gold needs to be polished occasionally to retain its luster. It is the perfect symbol of a union that endures through a combination of strength and tenderness.
Yellow gold looks beautiful on everyone. For light skin tones and dark, yellow gold exudes warmth and gleams with sunny tones. It is a comfortable metal, one that remains beautiful and stylish forever.
The Uniqueness of Yellow Gold
Platinum, white gold, and sterling silver all have a similar appearance, but there is no mistaking yellow gold for any other metal.
Other metals are far more likely to be dipped or coated to retain their brilliance, and that means regular maintenance. Yellow gold requires only a bit of tender loving care with regular soap and water to hold its warm glow.
Yellow gold is also easier to resize and repair. It’s softer than other metals and without a coating to worry about jewelers can make adjustments with ease.
That softness can be a drawback when it comes to scratches and dents. There are varying responses to those scuffs and marks. If the band is wide and plain, scratches may show more and need attention. However, a ring that has been weathered by time is a powerful symbol of a lasting union.
Yellow Gold Styles
At Beard’s Diamonds there is no style that yellow gold cannot accommodate. A plain, smooth band of yellow gold is an enduring symbol with its own deep, classic beauty.
Yellow gold also has the distinct benefit of looking truly magnificent in traditional, vintage, or modern styles. Where other metals may clash with contemporary or antique styles, yellow gold is as versatile as it is lovely.
Yellow gold is particularly well suited to vintage styles that can look unmoored in contemporary metals.
As historically traditional as the unembellished wedding band may be, increasing numbers of women choose bands set with diamonds or other stones or styled in beautiful forms or textures.
A wedding band may reflect the style of an engagement ring or be purchased to be worn solo. Some bands are specifically made to be stacked so the wearer can change the look of the wedding set.
Yellow gold accommodates any and all embellishments, styling, textures, or other variations desired by the couple. Women’s wedding bands reflect not only tradition and union, but also the individual style of the wearer.
Choosing yellow gold does not limit style options. If anything, it broadens choices and accommodates custom or contemporary designs while retaining the warm, sunny feel everyone wants from the ring they plan to wear every day.
Yellow gold is also perfectly suited to mixed metal styles, striking a gorgeous balance with either white or rose gold—or both.
The choice of a wedding band can be overwhelming with the vast array of metals and styles available. It can even feel like the most popular metal at any given time is the only option. But yellow gold will always be a timeless, beautiful choice, adding beauty to any style of wedding band. Interested in learning more about quality of diamonds or reading about GIA Certifications? read up on the 4C’s here at GIA Edu.
You can also visit our Education Center to read up on how certify and guarantee our jewelry.
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