Beard’s Diamonds: Wedding Band Trends for Women

Your wedding day is just around the corner. You’ve got everything covered from colors to decorations and now, the big part:

You’re about to exchange rings that will bond you and the love of your life for the rest of your days.

When you picture this moment, what do those wedding bands look like? Do they look like any other ring out there, or do they look like the perfect representation of your relationship?

We have a wide variety of wedding bands for women and men. Here’s a list of
3 Popular Wedding Band Trends to Consider:

Diamond Wedding Bands:
Today, it’s all about the sparkle. And our diamonds at Beard’s Diamonds have never shined brighter. A popular choice is Prong set diamonds which are smaller diamonds used to cover the surface of the ring, are more versatile. They can be layered, they can be minimalist, and they can really maximize the overall shine of the ring.

Zoom RG10641-4WB.jpg

Vintage Wedding Bands:
Vintage and Retro-style wedding bands bring out the past and work best for those who love a unique look. Vintage rings can have engravings and/or delicate raised edges. If you’re looking for a timeless and unique look, consider going vintage for your wedding band.

Zoom BS1392.jpg

Stackable Wedding Bands:
2021 kicked off and showed us that this trend gives you unlimited potential. Stackable diamond wedding bands look delicate on their own, but bring about a new and customized feel when paired with another band (or two). These rings can come in any number of styles, but the overall look you receive from this trend is pure and simple: the style is all about the layers. It’s a great way to style as you go, and to build on the years of marriage you are celebrating.

Zoom Gabriel-LR4800W45JJ-1.jpg

The biggest thing to keep in mind when you begin shopping for wedding bands, is this: what works best for you? Whether you have a specific budget to work off of, or you feel like you need something more special, we have you covered at Beard’s Diamonds.

We believe in the unique qualities of every couple who walks through our doors. You deserve wedding bands that were made just for you. Whether you want a trendy wedding band, something a bit more classic, or if you want something that’s a bit more customized to fit your style, our Diamond Experts are here to help you find the wedding band of your dreams.

If you need an extra opinion, or someone to go over your options with you, visit our Showroom at the St. Johns Towncenter in Jacksonville, Fl and check out our wedding band collections.