Diamond certification is a process where an independent gem lab tests and assesses the quality of a diamond. Then, the lab issues a written report about the diamond. Each report, or “certificate,” has its own number which is kept on file at the lab and a copy is sent back with the diamond. Also, many certified diamonds include a microscopic laser inscription of their certification number on the outer edge of the diamond also knows as its girdle. This is helpful if a diamond certificate is ever lost or stolen. With many choices of labs in the world, Beards Diamonds uses only the best with all diamonds being GIA Certified.

GIA stands for Gemological Institute of America. Since 1931, they have worked to create the most accurate and reliable diamond grading system for consumers. In the 1940’s they created the 4 C’s and the International Diamond Grading System- which are both the standard for evaluating diamond quality to this day. Throughout the years they created many staple tools in the diamond industry such as the loupe, the gemological microscope, and the diamond grading report. As a non-profit organization, you can be sure that your GIA graded diamond sets the industry standard in diamond excellence. Rest assured, all of our diamonds here at Beards Diamonds in Jacksonville are GIA certified.

Why is Diamond Certification important?
Diamond certifications are important for many reasons. Firstly, a diamond certification proves the stone has been tested and has been confirmed natural. Gem labs have access to testing equipment that jewelers and appraisers do not. For example, while most appraisers have common tools, they typically do not have a way of testing for lab created diamonds or diamond treatments. So, a diamond with GIA certification proves the stone you’re buying is natural and not lab made.

Secondly, a GIA certified gem from Beards Diamonds gives you the assurance  of diamond quality. This certification will honestly and accurately describe the quality of your diamond.

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