Shopping for Anniversary gifts for him this holiday season? Nothing is more important for couples than re-creating the memories of the day they said ‘I Do’ year after year. So, are you looking for anniversary gifts for him and don’t know what to get? Do you wish for something magical for your husband and partner? Or perhaps you want something he can look at and cherish your marriage. 

We at Beard’s Diamonds recognize that nothing recreates your big day’s magic than a stunning wedding ring. Heading to November and up to November 30th, we are marking our 41st anniversary with the biggest sale ever. We offer up to 41% off store-wide on most of our products, including men’s wedding bands.     

Let’s look at six amazing wedding Men’s bands that you can capture during this special offer season. 

  1. Crown Ring – Men’s Wedding Band 38

Are you searching for a timeless piece that your husband can wear for many years to serve as a constant reminder of your marriage covenant? Then you have to check out the Crown Ring – Men’s Wedding Band 38. 

This classic-style wedding band features a flat top with a refined finish that dazzles on the finger. The ring is available in different purity levels such as 10K, 14K, and 18K. Moreover, it’s available in platinum rose, white, and yellow if you want a more high-end design that’s not gold. 

Crown Ring – Men’s Wedding Band 38 is 5mm wide, comfortable for most men who dislike wearing wider wedding bands. The best part is that this anniversary gift is available in all finger sizes. Overall, it is an excellent pick for men of all ages, thanks to its classic theme. 

  1. Crown Ring – Men’s Wedding Band 35

If your man prefers something slightly wide, how does 7mm sound? That’s what you get from the Crown Ring – Men’s Wedding Band 35. 

Not only are you getting a slightly wider band but also one with a round edge and a polished finish. So, unlike Crown Ring 38 (See above), which has a flat top, Crown Ring 35 has a curvy top, which improves its comfort. 

In addition, the round top gives this ring a unique, timeless look. So, this wedding band is one for the ages and comes in 10K, 14K, and 18K purity levels. Plus, there is the option of platinum rose, yellow, and white if your husband is crazy about platinum. 

You’ll also get these Men’s bands in all sizes, which is just amazing. 

  1. Bleu Royale Men’s Wedding Band 21

Very few finishes are as grandeur as satin, and that’s what you get from the Bleu Royale Men’s Wedding Band 21. This wedding band has a flat-top satin finish that gives it a luxurious look on your man’s finger. It also features high-polished square edges that make it more manly and timeless. So, this wedding won’t go out of style any time soon. 

And to ensure that it resonates with your philosophy as a diamond brand, Bleu Royale Men’s Wedding Band 21 features a stunning 25 CT diamond. The precious metal is the center of attention and the highlight of the gift. 

The wedding band is available in all finger sizes and different purity levels such as 14K, 18K, and even platinum. If you opt for platinum, you can pick between rose, yellow, and white. 

To give it a slightly minimalist look, this wedding band is only 5mm wide. That’s usually a comfortable width for someone who doesn’t fancy broad wedding bands. 

  1. Bleu Royale Men’s Wedding Band 9

Perhaps you want more glamorous and rare anniversary gifts for him. There cannot be anything more glamorous or rarer like than black diamonds, which are the highlights of the Bleu Royale Men’s Wedding Band 9. 

This wedding band has the most high-quality black diamonds at its center and enjoys a high-polish rope edge, it’s just stunning. You’ll get it in 14K and 18K purity levels and in rose, yellow, and white platinum. 

The band is 9mm wide, making it the widest wedding band on this list. The width generally makes it easy to roll out and more comfortable for those with thicker fingers. The other advantage of such a width is that it doesn’t deform easily, as it has a larger contact area. 

  1. Gabriel and Co. 6mm Men’s Wedding Band 

How does 58.3% pure gold sound? How about if you get it in rose gold, white, or yellow finishes? That’s what you get from the Gabriel and Co. 6mm Men’s Wedding Band. 

Unlike most men’s wedding bands, this one comes in a low-key modern matte design to suit men who don’t like lots of attention. So, if your man prefers a high-value piece that doesn’t announce itself, this Gabriel and Co. band is a safe bet.  And since it comes in yellow, rose white and yellow finish, you can pick the one that complements your husband. 

Gabriel and Co. 6mm Men’s Wedding Band is 6mm wide as the name suggests and comfortable enough to wear all day long. Furthermore, it’s available in all finger size. 

  1. Gabriel and Co. 8mm Sandblast Channel Edge Men’s Wedding Band 

If you want a 14K gold ring that’s slightly wider for easy rolling out, you cannot go wrong with the Gabriel and Co. 8mm Sandblast Channel Edge Men’s Wedding Band. This 14K gold ring comes in rose gold and yellow gold options and measures 8mm in width, as the name suggests. 

The gold piece is at the center, and it enjoys a sandblast finish, which is elegant. Moreover, it features channeled edges that make it more charming and modern. The wedding band is comfortable to wear all day and easily blend with both casual and formal outfits. And like all others, it’s available in all finger sizes.     

Ready to shop for the best anniversary gift for him? Then head to Beard’s Diamonds today to get the man of your life the most splendor wedding ring. We at Beard’s Diamonds are all about authentic, refined, and quality, and we guarantee that in all of our p roducts. We have the most extensive one-of-a-kind diamond inventory, stocking over 4,000 custom-made pieces for re-creating memories of your special day.