Giving jewelry to your daughter, the bride
No matter how old she ever becomes, she’ll always be your little girl. When that little girl has grown up to be the strong, beautiful and accomplished woman you always knew she’d be, and she has chosen a man worthy of all that she is, consider the gift you will give her. The tradition of parents presenting their daughter with wedding jewelry on her wedding day comes from the bridal rhyme, “something old, new, borrowed, blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” The rhyme today often leaves out the sixpence, yet the idea remains the same: wishing her good luck on her wedding day and beyond. Read below on our guide to giving jewelry to your daughter on her big day.

The “something new” frequently is a gift of wedding jewelry from the bride’s parents, often presented to her as she dresses for the wedding so that she may wear it during and after the ceremony. Yet many parents today purchase jewelry and present it to their daughters long before that eleventh hour so that the bride may coordinate the gems with her bridal ensemble. Typical parental gifts to daughters include a necklace, earrings or a ring custom made so that the piece complements her engagement ring.

Earrings, in fact, often are the go-to parental wedding jewelry gift. As evidenced by the gorgeous drop earrings worn by Catherine Middleton during her 2011 wedding to Prince William. The earrings’ design was inspired by the Middleton family’s new coat of arms, which includes acorns and oak leaves. In keeping with the idea of coordinating the gift with her wedding attire, the earrings were designed to complement the style of the 1936 Cartier Halo tiara lent to the new duchess specifically for her wedding day by the Queen.

The Sylvie Collection has a great selection of wedding jewelry to choose from for your daughter. We carry an exclusive collection of earrings, rings, pendants, and necklaces. Rings also make a great parental gift to a bridal daughter. Wedding jewelry rings that include the bride’s birthstone would be an incredibly touching tribute to present to your daughter. We carry color, classic, vintage, and modern fashion rings that would be the perfect ‘something new’ for your beautiful bride. Need some help on selecting the perfect diamond stud earrings? Read our guide here.

Wedding jewelry given as a gift to a bride shouldn’t aim to outshine the engagement ring or wedding band. The ring should be given as a token of your love for your daughter. So, while it should be beautiful, keep it understated. Make sure that the ring has some additional inherent meaning for you and your daughter. Doing so will make it more precious to her.

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