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Timeless, Exquisite, Heirloom Bridal Jewelry

When Barry Verragio arrived in the United States from Moscow at age 14, he did not know that in just a few short years he would begin transforming couple’s lives. Studying at the knee of a master jeweler in New York City, the young apprentice learned to combine his innate artist’s eye with dazzling technical skills to create fine bridal jewelry. As a result, some of the most exquisite, intricate and elegant engagement rings on Earth. More than 20 years later, Verragio has become one of the premier and most exclusive brands in bridal jewelry. Why are Verragio engagement and wedding rings so special?


About Verragio

It Started with Love

From the beginning, Verragio’s engagement rings have been a labor of love. Literally. The first Verragio engagement ring was designed to capture the heart of Barry Verragio’s then-girlfriend, now-wife, Tanya.
In fact, Tanya was so taken with her ring that she asked her husband not to commercialize the design! Instead, he agreed to differentiate his design philosophy with three distinctive features:

1. The focus of a Verragio engagement ring would always be to
showcase the stone.

2. The setting should enhance, never detract from, the beauty of the diamond (just as the perfect wedding dress enhances and doesn’t overwhelm the bride).

3. Elegance, imaginative details and delicacy would take precedence.

A Stunning Array of Collections for Couples

Verragio’s bridal rings never look like anyone else’s. With the focus on side profiles, intricate scrolls and delicate swirls, even Verragio’s Paradiso collection — for the active woman — brings refinement to a comfort-oriented design. Verragio’s hallmark is the use of curves to create supremely feminine designs that combine both form and function. And it appeals to all budgets and sensibilities.


The Parisian Collection allows for customizable shoulders and lower-cost 14K gold that looks like a million bucks.


The beautifully detailed Venetian Collection focuses on supremely intricate side profiles that the wearer will adore when gazing at her hand from every angle. The profile of this ring can be customized in five different ways.


Verragio’s Couture Collection is clean, sleek, and modern. It features the trademark Lumina setting and showcases the diamond. This collection is available in multiple two-toned looks, including white, rose and yellow gold.


And the Paradiso Collection is the perfect design for the active woman. Keeping the ring snug on the finger are beautiful scallops that match the contours of her finger.


The Insignia Collection is perhaps the most “vintage” and feminine of all, with gorgeous, discreet scrolls enhancing the stone, highlighting Verragio’s signature on the profile of the ring.


Verragio has not forgotten about you. Verragio’s fashion-forward, unique wedding rings for men let you express individuality, masculinity and confidence on the hand. VERRAGIO offers a complete line of wedding bands designed just for men.


Authentic Verragio

Beard’s is one of the few handpicked, authorized showcases for exclusive Verragio jewelry. Verragio’s craftsmanship and quality have made it popular among celebrities. Caveat emptor, there are imitators on the scene. The best way to ensure that your Verragio ring is authentic is to purchase from an authorized retailer.

1) Look for the VERRAGIO marking inscribed inside the ring’s shank.
2) Make sure to purchase this most important of rings from an authorized Verragio retail partner.

We at Beard’s are proud to partner with a brand that, in Verragio’s own words, will play “a role in one of the most momentous occasions [of a person’s life, so that we] will forever be a part of their memories.” Beard’s can also help you to authenticate existing pieces that you may have bought elsewhere: simply ask us for an appraisal. 

About Beard’s Jewelry

Beard’s is the perfect fit for Verragio. Here, the exceptional meets affordable in a refined and risk-free shopping environment in Jacksonville, Florida. Our experienced sales people have been helping our customers select exactly the right pieces for their needs for the past 30 years. Like Verragio, our gemologists handpick only elite diamonds that meet our precise and exacting standards. By partnering directly with diamond sightholders and jewelry artisans, we can also eliminate expensive middlemen from our buying-and-selling process.

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