Delicately handcrafted, gorgeously designed, and every piece uniquely rendered: it’s no wonder Tacori produces some of the most desirable diamond and platinum jewelry in the world today. In fact, according to INDESIGN Magazine, Tacori is one of the “Top Five.”
And Beard’s Jewelry is the exclusive dealer of Tacori in North Florida, offering a wide-ranging selection of bridal and other collections.

- Fashion Collection -

The stunning beauty and intricacy of each piece of Tacori jewelry is the result of an uncompromising passion for artisanship.

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Tacori designs have fused classic elegance with modern inspiration, creating some of the world’s most highly regarded and exquisite jewelry.

About Tacori

Tacori jewelry is famed for its 100% in-house handcrafting in Los Angeles, California. As a result, no two pieces are quite alike: each one stands out with singular, subtle crafting idiosyncrasies – distinctive pieces for discerning owners. However, virtually every Tacori item — be it an engagement ring, bridal wear accessory, men’s jewelry or another piece — shares their design signature: the elegant crescent silhouette that marks a true Tacori.

Today, Tacori is the must-have jewelry of choice for celebrities and celebrities-in-the-making. It’s Tacori engagement rings you’ve seen on both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette (the shows even visited the Tacori facility in Glendale to see their rings being crafted). Celebrities ranging from Christina Hendricks to Ellen Pompeo have been spotted sporting Tacori wedding bands and engagement rings.

The full line of Tacori bridal jewelry also extends further to include pins, pendants, buttons, jewelry for bridesmaids and men’s pieces for groomsmen. In addition to diamonds, Tacori specializes in working with platinum. Tacori quality shows up in all of the merchandise it produces.

Tacori Style

Tacori’s popularity is founded on the sheer personality and beauty of its craftsmanship. Tacori diamonds are G-color and VS-clarity (or better), each hand-selected by Tacori experts and hand-crafted by jewelry artisans. These are not rings forged on a factory line; each piece is, in Tacori’s words, “the result of an uncompromising passion for artisanship.” The result is a style that’s “heirloom elegance meets modern inspiration.” They are designed to become beautiful family keepsakes that can, and will, be treasured for generations.

The pieces can also be further customized upon request. In fact, Tacori is almost as well known for its service as its actual jewelry. For example, they include general refurbishing and engraving touch-ups as complimentary services as long as you’ve purchased an authentic Tacori piece.

Authentic Tacori

In Northern Florida, authentic Tacori jewelry is available exclusively at Beard’s.

Once your jewelry brand has been showcased on national TV and turns into the go-to choice for celebrities, imitators will rise. The best way to ensure you get an authentic Tacori is to purchase from an authorized Tacori retail partner like Beards’.Tacori operates by forming close partnerships solely with reputable and recognizable retailers.

With your purchase, we’ll hand you a “Tacori Care Card” that explains how to care for your piece along with a “Tacori Authenticity Card” that includes a registration number you can use on the Tacori website. You must register the piece(s) to take advantage of Tacori’s generous post-purchase services. Beard’s can also help you to authenticate existing pieces that you may have bought elsewhere: simply ask us for an appraisal.

About Beard’s Jewelry

Beard’s is the perfect fit for Tacori. Here, the exceptional meets affordable in a refined and risk-free shopping environment in Jacksonville, Florida. Our experienced sales people have been helping our customers select exactly the right pieces for their needs for the past 30 years. Like Tacori, our gemologists handpick only elite diamonds that meet our precise and exacting standards. By partnering directly with diamond sightholders and jewelry artisans, we can also eliminate expensive middlemen from our buying-and-selling process.

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