Selecting A Diamond Ring She Will Love

Selecting a Diamond Ring She Will Love

Whether you are buying an engagement ring, or giving her a special gift, selecting a diamond ring she will love is an absolute must! Do you know what diamond shape she likes? Her preferred setting? What about her ring size? You can’t just buy the first ring you see, or the one on every commercial – you need to do a little sleuthing to make the right selection. First, there are some general aspects of ring selection you need to be aware of before heading to Beard’s.

Shape, Mounting, and Size

Diamonds come in a variety of shapes – round, oval, princess, cushion, emerald, radiant, marquise, and more.  Each cut has special characteristics. For instance, due to it’s large flat “table”, the emerald cut highlights the clarity of a diamond, while a marquise can maximize carat weight, making it look like a larger stone. While the round cut is generally the most popular, you need to select the cut that will make her shine.

The mounting is the actual ring the diamond is mounted to. Many engagement rings are diamond solitaires, with a single center diamond, or small cluster of diamonds on a metal ring. These rings make the diamond(s) stand out and can provide a stunning simplicity. Semi-mountings include side stones on the band that accent the main diamond and add to the overall beauty. Additionally, the type and color of the metal needs to be considered when selecting a ring. While yellow gold was the most popular selection years ago, white gold and platinum are the most common choices now.

Do you know what size ring she wears? Most spouses are not even sure what size they wear, let alone their wife or girlfriend. A properly sized ring should fit comfortably so that it goes on with a little pressure and won’t fall off with normal activities. It’s best to measure finger size later in the day, as fingers are smaller in the morning or in the cold.

So, how can you find out what diamond, setting, and size would be best for her, without her knowing what you are planning? Here are a few tips:

  • Look in her jewelry box. What diamond and gem shapes show up most often? Are they generally solitaires, or semi-mountings with diamonds on the band? Are most of the rings made of yellow or white gold, or platinum? You can often get a good idea of her preferences by taking notice of what she currently wears. You may even want to borrow a ring or two so you can take them to Beard’s as a reference, and to help get the right size. Just make sure her rings you use for sizing are worn on the correct finger so you get it right.
  • Ask someone you trust for help. Can you talk to her best friend, mother, or sister? They may know what style she wants and her ring size. As long as you know they won’t ruin the surprise, getting some input from someone close to her can help you make the right choice.
  • Prompt her and pay attention. IF you are the sly type, when you see ads or commercials for rings, try making comments that will spark a response from her.  Using negative comments about styles can bring out the most discussion: “That ring doesn’t look right to me”, or “I just can’t see the attraction to that kind of ring.” And, if friends are recently engaged, you can ask her what she thought of the ring.

Keep in mind that some women want to help pick out their ring, in which case you can create a special outing and take her to Beard’s to select the perfect ring. With the best selection of diamonds, at the best prices, and a 30-day return policy – you can’t go wrong!


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