Platinum Jewelry For Generations To Come

Platinum Jewelry For Generations To Come

Whether you are thinking of proposing, buying new jewelry, or changing your diamond setting, you are likely to be wondering whether or not you should select gold or platinum as your metal of choice.

For the past three thousand years, platinum has been a valuable part of special occasions. As one of the rarest precious metals on earth, platinum offers jewelry wearers a metal that is hypoallergenic, very strong and durable, and resists tarnish. This gives it some advantages over gold.

Benefits of Platinum

  • Platinum is 60% heavier than gold. As a result, it feels more substantial, and is highly durable.
  • It is generally sold 90-95% pure, making it is a sensible investment.
  • Each year, approximately 160 tons of platinum are mined, compared to 1,500 tons of gold. That makes the platinum, with its rarity, very desirable.
  • The luster of platinum has made it perfect for stunning settings, including those holding the Hope, and Jonker Diamond Number One – some of the most expensive diamonds in existence.

Keep in mind that the weight and rarity of platinum does increase the cost when equating it gram for gram to gold. However, the beauty, value and additional advantages make it a remarkable choice for jewelry that will celebrate the special moments for generations to come.

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