Embrace: A story of Wedding Rings

You get in your car and find something happy and upbeat on the radio. It’s a special day and you want to be surrounded by a positive atmosphere. As you drive, you imagine the styles you’ve seen in magazines, on television, and in store windows. Will you find something that suits you both? A design that represents your individual personalities, your dreams together, and your love for each other?

At Beard’s Jewelry, you walk in the door and are surprised by what you see. The store is bright and warm, and bigger than you imagined. Everything shines, and the cases of beautiful diamonds and jewelry would be a bit intimidating if it wasn’t for the gracious staff welcoming you like an old friend.

You head for the wedding rings, and start to scan the collections for that perfect set – the one that speaks to you, the one in your dreams. It’s a little overwhelming at first as there are so many beautiful stones and settings. Brilliant rounds, enthralling emerald cuts, and shimmering square princess cut diamonds capture your attention. You try some on, seeing how they look on your finger, how they feel in your palm…. Then, you see them. They are perfect. They were meant for you two. They say “today, tomorrow, and forever.” You smile – feeling like you put the final piece in place to nurture your new life together.

Through the years, they become a part of you. Your rings embrace your fingers through all the special moments. They share your work, your rest, your hopes, and your family. The wonderful stories they could tell…if only they could.

Wedding rings are more than tangible symbols of your commitment; they are everlasting elements of your life together.



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