The Tacorian family believes in passion, quality, and attention to detail, and has been demonstrating this doctrine through jewelry design since 1969. For more than four decades Tacori has been creating some of the world’s most exquisite jewelry. From passionate (or captivating) engagement rings to effervescent fashion jewelry, Tacori illuminates elegance in every detail. Intertwining traditional sophistication with contemporary style, Tacori artisans handcraft each design to create unique and timeless beauty.
Experience the artistry of Tacori for yourself.


Craftsmanship and quality are the foundation upon which every Verragio ring is created. Radiance and beauty are the by-products of Verragio’s commitment to style. Accomplished jeweler, Barry Verragio, creates contemporary designs with a classic presence. As the creator of the exclusive Lumino Setting, Verragio exposes all facets of a diamond to light through a suspended mount. The resulting brilliance enhances every feature, while the unique design complements every recipient. lluminate your style with Verragio.


“Jewelry created by Amden is jewelry that you will love forever.” As the leading manufacturer and supplier of gold mountings and fine jewelry for over 35 years, Amden creates enthralling bridal collections and impressive fashion jewelry. Amden settings incorporate only the finest diamonds in designs that are innovative and alluring. From cutting edge fashion to sophisticated treasures, Amden accentuates quality.
Love your jewelry forever with Amden designs.


Creative, elegant, alluring, and precious are just a few of the characteristics Siera jewelry exemplifies. Founded in 1985 by Saro and Raffi Marukian, Siera Jewelry has become known for their delicate ornamentation that creates a stylized finish. Siera offers opulent jewelry with 18k white gold and precision-cut diamonds, yellow diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.
Experience the enchantment of Siera.

JB Star

Creating romance and dreams, JB Star jewelry is designed and manufactured one piece at a time. Through careful selection of quality stones, and stringent inspection, each handmade piece is one that will be cherished forever and passed down from one generation to the next. From beautifully styled sapphire, ruby, emerald, and other precious colored gems, to impeccable diamonds and metals, JB Star does not compromise on quality.
Admire the precision, and embrace the love that creates every legacy by JB Star.

Christopher Designs

When quality and technology combine, the diamond jewelry created exceeds brilliance.
Christopher Designs redefined just how brilliant a diamond could be. As the architect of the Crisscut® Diamond Collection, Christopher Designs adds intrigue and radiance to exclusive pieces by creating more facets that optimize light and increase the diamond’s brilliance. Elegant and contemporary, there is an exceptional design for everyone.
Radiate brilliance with Christopher Designs


Engagement euphoria and wedding bliss accompany rings by Venetti.
For several decades, tens of thousands of couples have turned to Venetti when selecting their special engagement and wedding design. Their memorable collections accentuate beautiful marquise, halo, and criss-cross diamond rings, with a remarkable selection of wedding band complements. Each piece is masterfully created to be unique and enduring – just like your love. Express your love with Venetti.

Coast Diamonds

Whether you want Charisma, Allure, Romance, or simple elegance, Coast Diamond by Jay Gilbert has a dazzling design for you. Romantic bridal jewelry and stylish fashion pieces unite Coast’s commitment to design and quality. The impeccable details that accompany hand engraved bands create an enthralling accent to each piece, while exceptional craftsmanship ensures each element meets the highest standards. Beautiful and refined, Coast jewelry will captivate you. Instill lasting memories with Coast diamonds.


“Pearls are always appropriate.” Jackie Kennedy
Mastaloni Pearls have been the leading source of quality, cultured pearls in North America for more than 80 years. Their designs range from time-honored classic to modern and chic, with each piece incorporating the essence that only pearls can provide. From bracelets and rings to pendants and pins, Mastaloni’s decades of experience creates covetable jewelry.
Adorn yourself with “The Most Beautiful Pearls In the World™”

Spark Creations

Classic color gems, stunning diamonds, and one of a kind jewelry has made Spark a leader among luxury jewelers for more than 35 years. Each season, Spark delivers inspiring designs in high fashion jewelry to offer delightful yet elegant rings, earrings, and necklaces. See diamonds, rare gemstones, and precious stones in a new, intriguing style.
Capture the essence of fashion with Spark.


More than class rings, Artcarved is there for all your precious occasions. The Artcarved heritage began in 1850 with quality, stylish wedding bands and engagement rings. Over time, their legacy expanded to include class rings and personalized fashion jewelry. Their superbly crafted diamond engagement rings and wedding bands uphold the distinguished reputation upon which Artcarved was found. Celebrate the most important moments of your life with Artcarved.


Inspired by your love, Carlex rings are designed and crafted to incorporate the unique facets of artistry and valor. Innovative techniques create the perfect edge and comfort fit synonymous with Carlex. Masculine and virile, each ring honors the strength of your love, and the significance of your relationship. Enduring metals and quality diamonds complete the evolution of expression. Exemplify your strength and commitment through Carlex.

True Romance

Contemporary and graceful designs give True Romance an eloquent and illustrious presence you will appreciate for generations. Isaac Gad started creating luxury diamond engagement rings in New York City in 1984. Through a creative collaboration with designers lead by Xavier Bretillion, True Romance was born into the world of bridal jewelry. Every aspect of the ring is carefully designed to ensure quality, comfort, and style. The result is a contemporary design that magnifies the radiance of each diamond. Classic yet contemporary, love prevails with True Romance.

Gabriel & Co.

Jewelry is about the style of the woman wearing it, and Gabriel & Co. designs are crafted to accentuate the beauty possessed by every woman. A devotion to jewelry has been in the Gabriel family for generations, as brothers Jack and Dominick followed in their father’s footsteps and formed Gabriel & Co. As artistic designers and creators, they focus on the emotion each piece signifies. Their handcrafted jewelry combines traditional virtues with a contemporary essence that transforms familiar materials into exquisite treasures. Celebrate the meaningful moments in life with Gabriel & Co.

Divine & Co

When you dream of a ring that unites contemporary style with old world flair, you’re dreaming of Divine & Co. Focusing on quality, Divine & Co. maintains every aspect of ring creation from the initial sketch to the handcrafted engraving. This attention to detail, combined with a creative design team keeps their designs fresh and their presence everlasting. New ideas, exclusive designs, and the utmost in professionalism have made Divine & Co. a respected name in jewelry for more than three generations. Inspired by what’s new, created with extraordinary care – that’s Divine & Co.


Combine Europe’s classic elegance with New York’s bold sophistication, and the result is bridal and fashion jewelry with luxury and grace. Isaak Nassimi founded Diabella after years of inspiration from his father’s artistic jewelry. At the core of all creations is a commitment to designing pieces that allow self-expression, while capturing the artistry of life itself. Every design by Diabella has a life of its own, created to enhance the individuality of each beneficiary. And, each piece provides both a distinct and subtle characteristic of the love represented. Perfection is not an accident, it’s Diabella.

Classique Creations

Timeless and elegant, Classique Creations exemplifies the origins of beauty. In a short time, Classique Creations became a leader in bridal and wedding rings. Their attention to detail, distinguished craftsmanship, and consistent quality quickly established them as artisans whose rings will provide beauty and charm for generations to come. Fortified by congruous value and impeccable customer service, Classique Creations builds relationships, not just customers. When there’s trust, faith, and commitment, there’s Classique Creations.

MJ Gross

Quality diamonds come from qualified diamond experts like M.J. Gross As a reputable diamond wholesaler for three generations, M.J. Gross offers a myriad of GIA certified diamonds in the shape and size you desire. All customers are held in the highest esteem, and every transaction is backed by the dedication to integrity the company is known for.
When you want the finest diamonds, you want M.J. Gross.