Engagement Rings Through the Ages

Valentine’s Day seems to bring out the romantic in many men, (and women) as they celebrate the occasion by getting engaged. In fact, more than 6 million Americans are expected to get engaged on Valentine’s Day this year – that’s a LOT of rings! So, where did the custom of giving an engagement ring start? […]

A Super Ring

A Super Ring: Trivia You Can Share This Sunday  It is always exciting to see the beautiful and artistic jewelry available at Beards, and as we are closing in on Valentine’s Day, and wedding season is right around the corner, there are some real masterpiece items available. However, we realize that not everyone is focusing […]

Embrace: A story of Wedding Rings

You get in your car and find something happy and upbeat on the radio. It’s a special day and you want to be surrounded by a positive atmosphere. As you drive, you imagine the styles you’ve seen in magazines, on television, and in store windows. Will you find something that suits you both? A design […]