Add to Her Collection: Anniversary, Cocktail & Right Hand Rings

Dress it up or dress it down…just because!

Whether it’s a holiday, major birthday, anniversary, and accomplishment or “just because,” it’s time to mark the occasion with a new (or upgraded) piece of jewelry. After nearly 40 years of helping people celebrate major milestones in their lives, here at Beard’s we’ve learned a few things. With the holidays upon us, and gift ideas circulating…see why it’s a good idea to consider an anniversary, cocktail or right hand ring for her this gift-giving season.

Go band or Go home

Some women choose to put their engagement ring away somewhere safe and instead wear a new, every day statement piece like a wide diamond band. It shows that you are married, reflects your current style, is comfortable and can have a nice, low profile. From five stone rings to pave and eternity bands, a big diamond band, even with a pop of color, is a great way to make a statement while keeping your original ring intact for sentimental reasons.

Add some color to her life

Some choose to wear a statement color ring on the left hand instead of an engagement ring, while others go for a right hand ring. Blue and red is the most common, but there are some amazing exotic gemstones like tourmalines and sapphires that can be green, pink, orange, yellow or practically any color you can imagine.

Restyle her ring

She’s been wearing the same engagement ring for more than a decade and it means the world to her. But, maybe it’s time for a change to reflect a stage of life and evolved taste. Simply reset her look with a new addition! To be worn on there own or coupled with what she already has, anniversary bands or cocktail rings add a timeless ‘updated’ touch.

Where it how you want it

There are several ways to wear an anniversary ring, depending on the style of the ring. An anniversary band or cocktail ring can be paired with your wedding band and engagement ring. Or you could choose to wear an anniversary ring in place of your engagement ring. If your wedding band and engagement ring make a perfect match and you don’t want to add any items, you can always wear your anniversary ring on your right hand.

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